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Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.



Summer outfit

Summer outfit

Expectations vs. Reality | Charles Xavier vs. James McAvoy

Student life.

thanksgiving promo!


  • well i guess in america it’s a columbus day promo???
  • mbf this turkey
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because we all need to be reminded how rad this guy is, okay 

I do not think any fandom in the history of fandoms has been as lucky as we Fannibals.

I saw Tom Felton at the airport this morning TWICE he walked right past me before security and then came into the store I work in. He even made eye contact with me TWICE and guess what I DIDN’T SAY I FUCKING WORD TO HIM

I’m going to jump off a cliff. seriously don’t stop me!

((To be fair, it was 5am and he looked very tired so I had to question whthwr or not to be annoying shithead))